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Use our filter-based search engine to quickly get to journalists of your choice.

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Save yourself endless hours of rummaging through Web pages to find journalists contacts. Get all the help you need curating a list of journalists to reach out to.

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  • Directory Submission. We manually submit your information to startup directories, review sites and communities. Get help curating a list of journalists who are interested in your startup. Not find what you are looking for?

    Pressfarm can create a custom list of contacts for you! Contact Us to learn more.

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  • Best for businesses launching a new innovative product or seeking venture capital for growth. Toggle navigation.

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    And, if I can get that after investing no more than 15 minutes Pressfarm has been such a time saver since we began to use it to find journalists who might be interested in our concept. Through filters, I can search journalists from a certain niche and I get their contacts. The tool has really increased our velocity reaching out to the right press contacts. Their custom services are an absolute must if you are looking for a special query.

    When launching a new business or product you need to tell the world about it.

    Find journalists to write about your startup

    Pressfarm takes care of the How: by creating content worth communicating; and to Who: by targeting to the right audience. Explore just a few of our major categories Not find what you are looking for?

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    Arts and Entertainment. Business and Finance.

    Food and Dining. Sign up to reach out to journalists who are interested in your startup Sign Up. Pressfarm is PR Software to help you submit your startup and tell your story to the world. It was very difficult to find the right journalists when our start-up needed to get the word out about our app.

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    Thanks to Pressfarm, now we can find journalists specific to our industry, know what they write about and contact them with our best pitch. Tools including Pressfarm were invaluable for us as we had a a small team and b limited resources.

    This is one of my favorite tool to find journalists to write about your startup.

    Pressfarm has been such a time saver. Pressfarm is a no brainer.

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    Pressfarm is a dead-simple, radically affordable way to get the media contacts that you need. We use it regularly at our company.

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  • Jaxson Khan Media Strategist at Influitive. Subscribe now for news and PR tips for startups. Forgot your details?